Koori Threads - Living inside my head, darn gorn and started a business, so what now you Mob??

Koori Threads - Living inside my head, darn gorn and started a business, so what now you Mob??

Yundu Yalada you mob,

OK, so got to be honest with you but money and the way things are going on around the world worry me every day, so here's me thinking well, I ain't never gonna win the lotto, aint I aint never going to be able to afford the simple pleasures in life such as a loaf of bread which costs $12 lol, then I best think of a different way to survive now!

So we all know that feeling that we forgot something at the shop right, but truth is, we go back only to find there was nothing on the shelves anyways, and if ya living out West in NSW, then the further out you go, the worse it gets, so If I got to pay $12 for a lettuce now, and can't afford to run my car, or buy a KG of Devon, then wev'e got a problem so I thought why not, what more do we have to loose?

So I sat there wondering, how can we support our babies living with disabilities better, how can we include them in everything we do, when we are trapped in white mans system?

So last Saturday night I asked myself, why haven't I done something with my art, is this the way for me to be heard without speaking, as my voice seems to confuse people at times, they cant seem to hear the frustration of knowing that our families are again being left behind, so venture started born out of frustration with not being heard really...

So I asked myself, how could my stories change people's way of thinking, or how could they start or even challenge peoples thinking when our History continues to be hidden? And in that moment, I decided to start my business 

And so I painted, and I painted and I painted some more, but it was more than that, it was my way of healing too I guess, and as I painted, my wawal cried, and cried some more.

There are many days where I feel like I just cant speak in today's society, or when I do speak, am I speaking another language, because when I meet with people in Government roles, its like I have two heads most days as I can't fathom how it could be so simple and yet they get it so wrong, and yet they still only see my pale skin, until my mouth finally does open, and Im sure there are many that liked it better when I couldn't speak!

This collection has allowed me to have a voice, and I hope my paintings do justice to our families across all lands, all songlines and reflect the stories with truth telling that can be felt!

So my brothers, and sisters, is it really that hard for these fullas to appreciate the richness, wisdom, beauty & knowledge of our peoples, the oldest living culture in the world, or do we just get a voice when you've decided on your new International Tourist Campaign, then you want to know us, right??

Harsh I know, but true as, I ask myself these things as I see the frustration at so many levels, the continued hurt, and yet we still fight for Justice for our people in 2022, and if you have a disability then it's even worse!!! Not 1940 now!!!

So, I thought Id try a new way to make our stories heard, and that is by letting the story tell itself, and I hope that we as Mob continue to stand side by side, more and more, taking away the power of Government policies that have had such a devastating effect on our culture, our families and our lives!

I would like to pay my respects by honouring the importance and strength of  our Elder's past present and future, & for our many elders that have always, and will always, guide us as we walk this land.

Recognising that it "Always was, and always will be" Aboriginal Land & that sovereignty was never ceded, & the strength and importance of our continued connections to land and water as the traditional custodians of this land.

May our families voices be heard now, and we follow the voices of our Elders, for they are our leaders, our teachers, they are US.........

Stay safe you mob, and welcome to my first Blog

Check out my page where all stories are attached to my new collections, so I hope you like what you see, and hope ya can share the message

Please see a link to my page if you would like to read our stories - https://koorithreads.com/




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