I never knew this was possible? What do you mob think?

I never knew this was possible? What do you mob think?

Not knowing anything about the fashion industry is something I'll claim for sure.Just about to embark on my journey is the scariest thing I think Ive done in my whole life

Wondering if mob will like my art, will they see the colors I see when I paint, and what will they think of that?

I'm not to shame to say, it's something I never even thought was possible and I know I have to start somewhere and just see what mob think.

So I started looking at ways to make this happen, ways to turn my passion into a business using hand painted original designs that tell powerful and political stories of our people, and also of my life, issues that matter to so many people, our Human Rights

But having new opportunities creates new possibilities, and I'm not a watch person, but I've got to say these watches just blow my mind, and if mob like my designs, then anythings possible

They far outweigh what I ever expected and make a beautiful edition to my dresser

Fashion and art is the most beautiful way to Share your stories creating the endless possibilities of designing, using the internet to bring your dream creations to life, no matter your ability.

What do you think you mob, would you giver it a go, is it something youve always wanted to do, but havent?

Cause we got you x


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