Koori Threads Global Climate Responsibility Statement

More than one garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second with  around 92 million tons of waste related to fashion is being dumped in landfills each year! The fashion and apparel industry is also the second largest consumer of water as it produces 20% of wastewater.
The UN ECE says they also produce more greenhouse gas emissions than aerial and maritime transport combined. The Fashion industry alone is also considered the largest polluter in the world next to oil, as it accounts for 10% of the global carbon emissions & around 70 million oil barrels are used to produce the world’s polyester fiber.
Annually, around 150 billion garments are produced globally, while each American disposes of approximately 70 pounds of clothing every year! 
That material which clothing is made of takes more than 200 years to decompose!
And according to the Australian University of Queensland, we are consuming around 80 billion new pieces of clothing. That is 400% more than the planet’s textile use two decades ago & Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally.
Wastes from textile production are unintended results of fast fashion, especially now that people change their wardrobes more often to follow the current trend & The clothing, we choose to wear every day has an enormous impact on country and our future!

We are using water based inks on all of our garments, that can be broken down on country on all of our Garments