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Birthing on Country Evening Dress By Koori Threads

Birthing on Country Evening Dress By Koori Threads

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There is something special about the way a woman wears a dress, & this Birthing on Country Evening Dress by Koori Threads So powerful, with every line telling a beautiful story as it holds the curves of my sisters, and accentuates every line, every story that my sisters carry! 

There is something so sexy about a power dress like this, it makes a statement by just giving the softest reminder of how beautiful our bodies are.

The Red represents our Mob who remain on country to birth baby.

The Yellow represents all of our mothers who had to birth off country.

The lines in the story face different directions which tell three stories, stories of strength, stories of longing and disconnection and stories of pain, stories that affect us still today.

The largest section of the painting is for the mothers to birth on country, showing that they are surrounded by family and can raise them mooks nice and strong when our babies grow up on country.

Surrounded by family, our elders, all of our aunties, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, this is a village raising a child.

The second part of the story is about birthing off country, talking of the pain, of not being able to birth on country, not being surrounded by our nans, our mothers, our aunties, as we welcome our bubs. The loss of culture that happens when we are disconnected from our families, it talks of the things that our children will miss out on if they cannot grow up on country, in that village.

And the third part represents all of our babies who were stolen, taken from their families and raised by governments, or white families, some never to return home. It's about the confusion, the pain, the suffering that our families go through when a child is taken, and never to return, while we wait, wait for our babies and sing them home.

【 Material Description 】

85% polyester+15% cotton

【 Washing instructions 】

Hand washable and machine washable, do not soak for a long time, do not bleach, wash solution temperature should not exceed 45ºC.


Length (cm/in)

Bust (cm/in)

Waist (cm/in)

Sleeve (cm/in)

XS 147/58.87 74/29.13 60/23.62 60/23.62
S 148/58.27 78/30.71 64/25.2 61/24.02
M 149/58.66 82/32.28 68/26.77 62/24.41
L 150/59.06 86/33.86 72/28.35 63/24.8

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