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Unisex One Eat We All Eat Winter Bomber Jacket (Construction Style)

Unisex One Eat We All Eat Winter Bomber Jacket (Construction Style)

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This bomber jacket has to be one of the most beautiful bomber jackets you will see in 2024! Good enough to be worn to work or out on country! 

One Eat, we all eat Bomber Jacket by Koori Threads brings the B back in Bomber. It is practical, stylish and warm, & will provide great protection in winter, even on the coldest days.

This beautiful story is about the importance of understanding mob ways and told in my words this powerful story is about looking at our colonized systems, that continue to fail our families, our culture, our babies and our futures! And to ask why?

It tells the important story of mob taking care of each other, and just as we go out for a feed, we will cast one net to feed many, our Elders, our mothers, our fathers, our babies, our cousins, but we will all eat!

The nets in the middle, are the many nets cast by government, created by waiting for each of the fish to jump into the net, the white man he stays out there until dark, and he asks, why don't I have enough food?

The salmon would jump into here, the turtle here, the barramundi here, and yet my nets are empty, and that white man, he could never understand why those nets be empty, he placed them everywhere, more nets would hold more fish right?

But the man, he could not see, that everything is circular, not to deny over 65'000 years of culture, but to learn a new way, a simpler way, a better way, that recognizes the importance of not working in isolation with our mob or our disabilities.

It is about recognizing that all of our mob bring with them nothing but ability!

The windproof fabric keeps you warm in cold weather. There are pockets in the front and a zipper decorative pocket on the left sleeve, which is very practical for holding your phone and other accessories while warming your hands. Suitable for spring, fall, and winter. Ideal for daily, work, travel wear, or any outdoor sports.

  • Fabric: Woven twill faric(100% polyester)
  • Orange 100% Polyester Lining inside
  • Black rib-knit, black industrial style zipper,  pocket with black zipper on left sleeve
  • Fabric Weight: 160g/m².               

Size Guide

Inch XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Length 27.6  28.0  28.3  29.1  29.9  30.7  31.1  31.5  31.9 
Bust 47.2  50.4  53.5  56.3  59.1  62.2  65.0  66.9  68.9 
Shoulder 21.3  22.0  22.8  23.6  24.8  25.6  26.4  27.2  28.2 
Sleeve 24.8  25.2  26.0  26.4  27.2  27.6  28.3  28.7  29.5 

Centimeter XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Length 70 71 72 74 76 78 79 80 81.0 
Bust 120 128 136 143 150 158 165 170 175.0 
Shoulder 54 56 58 60 63 65 67 69 71.6 
Sleeve 63 64 66 67 69 70 72 73 75.0 

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