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Resilience Womens 245GSM Cotton Jacket by Koori Threads

Resilience Womens 245GSM Cotton Jacket by Koori Threads

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ClohtThe Resilience Womens 245GSM Cotton Jacket by Koori Threads, packs a punch making a statement with its elegant design and pricing, you won't believe how many times you will love this jacket, over dresses, jeans or trackies, this one's even good enough to dress up the jammies and uggies my sisters.

This story was designed right after the Voice, leaving many hearts heavy, with so many mixed emotions, so much racism, something that our Elders have felt before. It left me with a heavy heart, and this story is to acknowledge, that it is not about the actual vote, it is about the lessons that needed to be learned from my eyes only.

And to acknowledge all of our Elders before us, who all spoke so respectfully, and yet nothing seems to change!

The two colors of the land represent Uluru being the heart of the country, and the dark ochre is for our people from every tribe, and the light ochre for white man.

The colors are side by side to tell this story about the need for both mobs to come together, to walk with respect, to acknowledge our culture, to see each other, to learn from our knowledge, our stories.

The circles represent the elders from across the land who have spoken to our governments many times over, with wisdom, with respect, and still, they wait even after they return home to see what that man think of what they say, but still, he not listen.

They tell them fullas we need to be recognized as Sovereign people to our own land, as Traditional Owners, we want to take care of this land, we are the custodians of this land, this land Mr. Government, it is crying, big fires come, big rains come, when you not listen.

Can you sit with us to listen now, we have some more time, we can sit together and learn together!

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

  • Regular fit

  • Flat Lapel Collar, long sleeve, two pocket's

  • Fabric weight: 245g/m².

Size Guide


Inch XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Length 28.7  29.5  29.9  30.3  30.7  31.1  31.9  32.3  32.7 
Shoulder 16.5  16.9  17.3  17.7  18.1  18.9  19.3  20.1  20.5 
Bust 40.2  41.7  43.3  44.9  46.5  48.8  51.2  53.5  55.9 
Sleeve 24.4  24.8  25.2  25.6  26.0  26.4  26.8  27.2  27.6 


Centimeter XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Length 73.0  75.0  76.0  77.0  78.0  79.0  81.0  82.0  83.0 
Shoulder 42.0  43.0  44.0  45.0  46.0  48.0  49.0  51.0  52.0 
Bust 102.0  106.0  110.0  114.0  118.0  124.0  130.0  136.0  142.0 
Sleeve 62.0  63.0  64.0  65.0  66.0  67.0  68.0  69.0  70.0 


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