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2024 LGBTQIA+ Walk with me Deadly Kicks by Koori Threads

2024 LGBTQIA+ Walk with me Deadly Kicks by Koori Threads

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Have you ever really thought about why your buying a certain style of shoe? Is it because you just need them, or is it because you love them, or is it because you want them, but either way, you'll have to get them!  

This deadly little shoe is our 2024 Mardi Gra Design, representing all of our brothers, sisters and Deadly Queens out there already getting ready for the biggest night of the year

This stunning little story is about a journey of a young sister coming out and her dream to go to Mardi Gra with her mob!

The young girl had a smile that could be seen for days, but something in her told her that there was something missing!

One day she wanted to travel to the city and go to the big event they call Mardi Gra, she had heard some of the Elders talk about this night, and she had seen posters, full of people, glitter, celebrations

And it was that night that she knew she must go, everyone would be wearing their most beautiful gowns, full of color, and it was loud, but no one seemed to care, they just celebrated, and so it was told, every night and every day she would think about the celebrations, she would ask herself, what would I wear? What would my aunties think? 

Well, them aunties they all knew, they knew the girl was different, they watched her sing, she was always touching pretty things, you know, turn around and that girl already gone missing, but the aunties always knew that one day she would also go to Mardi Gra

So they sat by the water and painted day and night, using colors they had never seen, colors that were bright, so that every time the light hit them, they would glisten like gold. And one ol aunty, she say, when we give that girl her shoes, we always going to know where she is, as her feet leave country, we will look for the sparkles in the skies, and we will know she is OK

As the time grew close the girl decided she would ask the aunties if she could go, she told them, I need to go aunty, I want to dance, I want to sing, I want to wear makeup, and I want to have fun. So the aunty asked the girl, girl, how you go that far with no shoes then?

And just as the girls heart started to beat faster, all of the Aunties stood around to give her the shoes they had made, and with that came her blessing to go to Mardi Gra.

And so it was, it was time for the girl to leave country, and go to the city, to meet all of the other beautiful brothers and sisters she had watched for so long, only ever dreaming, that one day, she would also be another deadly, loud proud black Queen!

So for all you Queens out there, say it loud and say it with style



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