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Aboriginal Plus Size Swimwear

Aboriginal Plus Size Swimwear

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This Beautiful Plus size Swim Suit is from our Muddy Waters Collection which tells the story of 2022, when Australia saw its worst floods in History, as the Homes of our Families, thousands of People displaced as the Ancestors had tried to warn them Government fullas, but they too hard headed to listen! 

And just as our Ancestors have told us, we must look after this land, we must stop, we must listen and we must learn, and only then will our land settle again. 
But when them white men came, they told us they knew better, and they kept our hurting our Land, and with them they bought Drills, they bought mines and tore our Land right Open
Our land is hurting Mr Government, our People are crying Mr Government, and the Water is dirty, it is washing away our Land, the Land we care for, the Land that cares for us.. 
Why Mr Government when we tell you to take care of this land, do you not listen, just as the Water washes down Stream, the Waters will rise again, and as they rise, only then will you begin to understand how your decisions of yesterday are important here today, have you not learnt Mr Government that we are the Oldest Living Culture in the World


Length (cm/in)

1/2 Bust (cm/in)

1/2 Waist (cm/in)

Leg Width (cm/in)

XL 33/13 40/15.7 38.5/15.2 32.2/12.7
2XL 34/13.4 42.5/16.7 41.5/16.3 33.6/13.2
3XL 35/13.8 45/17.7 44.5/17.5 35/13.8
4XL 36/14.2 47.5/18.7 47.5/18.7 36.5/14.2


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