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Bamanaya Ruffle Skirt by Koori Threads

Bamanaya Ruffle Skirt by Koori Threads

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This stunning Bamanaya Ruffle Skirt by Koori Threads is one of the cutest skirts I have ever worn! Not only is it elegant, but it feels lovely, and just falls to the ground perfectly. It has a lovely inner lining and can be worn in so many ways

For us shorties you can pull it up giving it a high waste and for our taller sisters, you will fall in love straight away as this skirt adds that extra length!

Or team it up with this cute little Bell Sleeve top, which can be worn back or front, and tie it off, and you are ready to go. This is a beautiful choice for dorts formal if your looking to make a real statement!

This stunning design was painted the evening Cyclone Jasper was announced to hit across Far North Queensland, landing over Wujal Wujal, over my families, my Bamanaya!

As goobidy watches over our families, I ask for the cyclones to go around FNQ & keep our bama safe 

Only two weeks out from Xmas, and again, our families will suffer in ways we cannot begin to imagine, with lack of medical supplies, food and clean drinking water! In a time where we have new levels of poverty, where $100 cannot even begin to feed your bama for a week.

With no homes on offer, no real place of safety, or no food left on the shelves, will the governments remember our most needy, our Elders, our mob living with disability, will they check the parks and offer support to the mob already living rough, will they even offer mosquito repellant as this pass, as the coming days builds a perfect breeding ground for infections?

The circles represent many of the different mobs from all across our bubu (land), and the lines on the painting represent the Many Elders from all of our Yalanji Mob from the lands of Buru Warra China Camp, Kuna Warra, known as the most northern group around Annan River Shipton Flats, Jalun Warra along the coast from Wujal to Cow Bay,  and last to my families from Kubirri Warra, from Mossman all the way there to Port Douglas, stay safe

  • Made from 100% Polyester with a Heavy Cotton Feel
  • If you are unsure of sizing it is recommended to go a size up not a size down for extra comfort


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