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Birthing on Country High Top's by Koori Threads

Birthing on Country High Top's by Koori Threads

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How deadly are these Birthing on Country High Top's by Koori Threads? Styled from a classic shoe style that we all know; these are a great shoe if you enjoy walk around on country

They are finished in suede and are a great all-rounder for our sisters!

【Type Canvas and Suede, High Top, for Women
【Applicable scenarios Daily, gym, sports, walking, hiking, exercise, etc.
【Target User For Women.

【Washing notice: Canvas shoes should avoid full water and it is not recommended to wash these in the machine as it can interfere in the glue

To clean shoes regularly, gently wipe with a wet cloth (pay attention not to use too much water), & some toothpaste on the top, and then use a toothbrush to clean, cleaning should be the upper wipe, do not use a brush fierce brush.

After cleaning allow to dry in a cool and ventilated place, not in the sun! 


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