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Black Pride Runway Dress

Black Pride Runway Dress

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Show the world your Beauty, Culture & personal flair when you walk out the door in this beautiful Aboriginal Runway Style Dress designed by Koori Threads for our Beautiful Aboriginal women who radiate confidence, style and Beauty!

This dress will add some summer sizzle to your next special event, daring you to go sleeveless for a gorgeous summer look! The soft blended, wash and wear style material will allow your skin to breathe while you enjoy your day! Perfect for your next Wedding, Christening or Family Gathering, but one thing's for sure this is a Perfect dress for those hot summer days and our Beautiful Black Queens!

This Dress drops all the way to the floor, for a look that’s both simple, Elegant and eye-catching. There's something special about the way a Beautiful Woman wears a dress, whether you're looking for fun and flirty,  or a dress that is long enough to leave everyone wondering, then this is your dress!

Or if your every type of Woman, and you like to switch it up then this is a dress that will always look great dressed up or down and can be worn with either sandals, heels or if your heading out on country, then you can leave your shoes at home, no need to fuss, the Dress will do it for you!

The v-neck neckline shows the perfect amount of cleavage and brings a certain self-assurance to your outfit. This neckline style is a very popular choice of women of all shapes and sizes because it will flatter any figure

The Simple, Deadly and asymmetrical design will accentuate all of your beautiful curves and will balance your shape which follows the natural curves of your body to create a form-flattering shape with our beautiful designs which will leave you feeling  good inside and out!

Then simply call your sister girl, tie everything together with a pair of statement earrings, & you’re good to go.

We Test our Garments using intensive Quality Testing, where they are put through rigorous washing and drying phases to make sure we are providing products that will last, keep their colour, and are Wash and Wear Ready, and most of all, we designed products I would also be happy to buy!

We use a printing Technique called Digital to Garment Printing, as we wanted to be a part of a much bigger solution, in that we need to take care of Country Every Day, So finding ways to be  a part of a Better Solution  will always be important to us!

Our Designs  use water-based biodegradable ink that is easy to clean with water, & is free of plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which contain dangerous chemical additives considered to be toxic, and which can evaporate into the air over time.

We know that The fashion and apparel industry is also the second largest consumer of water as it produces 20% of wastewater. The UN ECE says they also produce more greenhouse gas emissions than aerial and maritime transport combined.

The Fashion industry alone is also considered the largest polluter in the world next to oil, as it accounts for 10% of the global carbon emissions & around 70 million oil barrels are used to produce the world’s polyester fiber.

Annually, around 150 billion garments are produced globally, while each American disposes of approximately 70 pounds of clothing every year, so taking Care of Country is more important now than ever, and being part of a better way is also important to Koori Threads and to Mob everywhere!

Thank you for showing your support and caring for Country

This Dress is made from a High Grade Polyester spandex mix and runs true to size with little stretch in the material

The material is flattering and does not stick to you, and falls naturally





S 90/35.4 136/53.5
M 95/37.4 136.5/53.7
L 100/39.4 137/53.9
XL 105/41.3 137.5/54.1
2XL 110/43.3 138/54.3
3XL 115/45.3 138.5/54.5
4XL 120/47.2 139/54.7
5XL 125/49.2 139.5/54.9



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