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Blood On Your Hands Two Piece Tube Bikini By Koori Threads

Blood On Your Hands Two Piece Tube Bikini By Koori Threads

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Perhaps the most important Story Australia needs to hear is this one, in a time where Policies were decided that would change the lives of our Families forever. In a time when our Babies were taken, this painting shows all Mob across Australia who were affected with a hand to represent the babies taken or left neglected by the Australian Governments Assimilation Policy across every state in Australia!

 The painting tells of the ongoing Pain and Suffering faced by our families, and the Heartache felt by All with the Stolen generation. As you see the blood on their hands, you will see our Mothers crying, surrounded by White Privilege, that told us we weren't good enough to raise our own children, but yet we could raise yours.

This is the story of Australia's true history, the one that is not spoken of when our children were taken by the bullyman, from their homes, on their way to or from school and then displaced in over 480 institutions around Australia, mostly being removed from country and even placed in other states, or adopted or fostered by non-Indigenous people and often subjected to horrific and life changing trauma & abuse.

Our babies were denied all access to culture, told they couldn't speak their lingo, and then punished if they did.

So when you ask why it matters, because the impacts of this are still being felt today and many babies will never return home, nor know their families or culture, and our families continue to Wail for things that can't be undone

May every baby find their way home, and our thoughts go out to all of the families affected by the Stolen Generations and Assilmation Policies that were imposed on us x



Clothes length (cm/in)

Bust (cm/in)


trouser legs (cm/in)

S 10/3.9 36.5/14.3 33.5/13.2 28.5/11.2
M 10.5/4.1 39/15.4 36/14.2 29.7/11.7
L 11/4.3 41.5/16.3 38.5/15.2 30.9/12.2
XL 11.5/4.5 44/17.3 41/16.1 32.1/12.6
2XL 12/4.7 46.5/18.3 43.5/17.1 33.2/13.1


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