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Burning Country Ruffle Spring Skirt BY Koori Threads

Burning Country Ruffle Spring Skirt BY Koori Threads

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When you cant decide what to wear, this little skirt has just become my favourite. Practical, but yet tells the story, feminine and fun at the same time, but enough to turn heads wherever you go.

Great for its wash and wear style, light and fun for Spring and Summer, oh, and the story, one all of our mob know only too well, but one Australia knows too.

Our unsung heroes, our firies, our nurses and our community workers that were at the front of this, every day, and the communities that were standing together to clean up as best they could with what they had, and for the many communities who never stood a chance, this story is my memories of the fear that I remember over those days, isolated from my kids, with nowhere to go but wait!

And here we stand in 2023 already entering another catastrophic fire season, I remember the smell, the embers, the air, but most of all I remember that no one came. And for our Elders, for our Mob living with Disability, I ask why we can't do more. We can't leave mob behind, the most vulnerable, our knowledge holders, and yet ol ways, this wouldn't be happening.

The black represents country that was burnt so badly, it still hasn't recovered.

The White Dots represents the many mob that came together with communities and people they had never spoken to before.

The Black dots represent our families gathering together for safety as the fires come closer.

This little Burning Country Ruffle Spring Skirt BY Koori Threads packs a punch and screams fun! Turn this one into a skirt through the day and a dress at night. This beautiful little skirt is made with a thin chiffon texture material using a spliced design to give a beautiful flowy finish. It has a sense of bold rich colours of country as the fires change and burn right across many lands, you will see the glow from the embers, but the overall style is simple. 

  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Regular fit
  • Stitching style,3cm elastic band
  • Fabric weight: 80g/m²

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Length 26.2  26.8  27.4  28.1  28.9  29.7 
Waist 23.6  25.2  26.8  28.7  30.7  32.7 
Hip 37.8  39.4  40.9  43.3  45.7  48.0 


centimeter XS S M L XL 2XL
Length 66.5  68.0  69.5  71.5  73.5  75.5 
Waist 60.0  64.0  68.0  73.0  78.0  83.0 
Hip 96.0  100.0  104.0  110.0  116.0  122.0 



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