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Changing The Narrative Training Bag

Changing The Narrative Training Bag

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Celebrating the oldest living culture in the world, my people, the original people, Aboriginal people!

Look at this stunning "Changing the Narrative Training Bag by Koori Threads". Made from high-grade waterproof fabric this training bag is durable and water-resistant all on one.

It comes with one main roomy compartment and two side mesh pockets inside making it easy to pack your gear

This story tells of our continued struggle to simply be respected as the oldest living culture in the world, in our own country, on our own land!

Still resisting the very things that were once resisted when those settlers arrived, and somehow you, white fulla, don't give up, Even when you have enough, you will take more, and then you tell our people that we vote on our existence, on our rights, on our culture, our future, a lore uflas will never understand!

After 200 years, it is hard to understand why as the traditional custodians of this beautiful country, things went so horribly wrong! How is it that our people arent welcome, How is it that there are continual restrictions on our communities, and yet our elders stand there waiting, still willing to give, to sit, to talk, to teach, but still uflas cannot hear.

So in my dreaming tonight, I will see a time where our Mobs never knew assimilation, where families weren't divided, where our children weren't taken, never to return. There will be music, and dancing like youve never heard before, and as we all dance together in a silent corroboree, the land will begin to heal, and our people will be taken home to their rightful lands.

Our babies will be loud with laughter and dirty faces, playing out on country and learning from the elders. The skies will be bright, the birds will sing loud, and just as the seasons change, all the leaves around me will be changing color as I look to the sky. The sun will beat down on my face, as I remember who I am, the young jalbu born from the strength of many strong Bamanay

As I wake again, I will start the day with a smile, I will sing as I walk, and I will be grateful for every step I take, I will be fierce, and I will change the narrative every day. I will tell our stories as I know them, but one things for sure, its in my DNA, my Bamanay



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