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Climate Change Four-Piece Doona Cover Set by Koori Threads

Climate Change Four-Piece Doona Cover Set by Koori Threads

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This beautiful Climate Change Four-Piece Doona Cover Set by Koori Threads is just stunning. Bringing together contemporary Aboriginal Art which tells the important stories of Australia in the 20th Century, and the ongoing impact that our Bushfires are having on country, on our animals and our people in 2023, where people continue to lose their homes, and their lives through fires so hot, that even country will have little chance to recover this time

For thousands of years our people have looked after and cared for country, handing down stories from our ancestors, teaching us the old ways, why we use fire to care for country, and with that is a deep appreciation for our Native Animals that all have a part in this, their stories are just as important to all that is living, to our stories and to our culture, we need to protect our vital food sources and take care of the gifts that we are given.

As our Elders tell us, without one, the other will cease to exist, without acknowledging that the scars that now run right through our lands, they will continue to grow bigger until we return to our old ways

And as we mine our lands and sell off our safety, our governments continue to ask the questions too late, but they dont care,!

As we watch new fires that have never before been seen, homes burn, the country burns, and our animals burn, a new day will see our land change in ways we have never before known!

The burning will start low, but it will grow, and you will see the fires from the skies, as the animals flee, this new fire will not be kind enough to give our animals time to flee their homes, their will not be time and warning, and the devastation will never be undone

Years of cultural burning always cleared out the underbrush, our fires ran low, giving our animals time to leave, to stay safe, creating safety though cultural burning that prevents massive lightning fires from consuming the land like we are seeing in the 20th Century



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