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Connected Party Dress by Koori Threads

Connected Party Dress by Koori Threads

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Does it get any deadlier than this?

So simple and so powerful, this story doesn't need explaining! This is what we do, its what wev'e always done, and even when we are off country, we are always connected. Connected to country, to our song lines, to our namesake, to our Ancestors, to our Elders, to our bamanaya! So even when you grow up off country, that can't be changed, and that is what the Connected Party Dress tells in the simplest of ways, with hands painted in ochre, with each hand connecting our mobs together! 

This stunning little A Line Dress is a power dress if I've ever seen one. Made with a beautiful style chiffon, you will feel like an absolute Queen when you walk on country!  No matter where you go, now or in another 10 years, the statement will always be the same in this Deadly Connected Party Dress by Koori Threads

The perfect customizable off shoulder chiffon dress that's lightweight and flowy, great for spring and summer weather. Add fun colors and patterns to show off your unique personality.

  • Made from Soft and lightweight chiffon fabric.
  • 100% Highgrade Polyester (Does not feel like Polyester. This is a lovely weighted dress)
  • Loose fit
  • Machine wash


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