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Elders Knowledge Canvas Womens Boots By Koori THREADS

Elders Knowledge Canvas Womens Boots By Koori THREADS

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These Beautiful Elders Knowledge womens Canvas Boots by Koori Threads are just stunning, made from a water resistant canvas, with a lovely chunky heel, well they are about as fierce as they come

This Beautiful story honours all of our elders, and pays respect to all of of Beautiful Elders across the country who have stood before us, stood with us and will also stand around us!

It is that knowledge that is shared with us daily in so many ways, the lessons taught and also the lessons we must learn from our elders & the tears that we will cry as times get tough. Our Elders carry themselves with such strength and pride & I am forever grateful for every lesson learnt, and although there will be many more lessons to learn, we know we are loved 

In honour of 2023 reconciliation week paying our respects to our Elders

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