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Emu Learning Black Lives Matter

Emu Learning Black Lives Matter

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This Deadly hoodie packs a punch! And the story is more powerful than the Hoodie, so we needed to design something special to make people stand up and listen. This beautifully designed light weight hoodie is perfect with its relaxed fit, designed for women.

The Emu Learning Black Lives Matter Hoodie by Koori Threads is complimented with a lovely pure cotton material lined on the inside of a soft and shiny Polyester on the surface, giving this little number a slight sheen.

Then combine that with the breathability & sweat-absorbing material,  you will find yourself feeling confident in this soft and comfortable hoodie all day long.

And if you need more then every Hoodie has to have a pocket, and we all love our Kangaroo pockets for those cold days, as we all know there will be more marches, more rallies, until our families voices are heard.

Racism is not  a new issue, it is an age old excuse for inequality, it is a word that was built on fear, fear of one culture not understanding the importance of another culture, it is an age old story we have lived for so long now, and it is also about change, and just as Dhiniwan shows us the way, we must always remember to take care of each other, as Government Policy have affected our lives for too long now.

Our voices today are becoming the voices of tomorrow, they grow stronger and louder each day

It is about standing together to be heard x

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