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Enable me Dress by Koori Threads

Enable me Dress by Koori Threads

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This stunning little Enable me Dress by Koori Threads is just the cutest, with its elegant cut, this dress is flattering for all of my deadly sisters out there! Made with a beautiful double ruffle sleeve, this dress is pure elegance!

The purple in the story represents mob living with a disability and being accepted by the Elders just as they are, for every ability!

The Pink represents our Elders accepting us just as we are and sitting besided us yarning, teaching us ways we can get around things, teaching us to work with what we have, and be proud of who we are, for all of our abilities are noticed by our Elders!

The White represents the Governments idea of how disability should look which is why the white sits in isolation, its  the inability to see our ability, and to ask us to identify in a world that then creates deliberate exclusion!

  • Made from Soft and lightweight chiffon fabric
  • Single layered
  • Midi length
  • Machine wash
  • Weight 110 gsm
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