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Keep the Fire Burning Penny Loafer's by Koori Threads

Keep the Fire Burning Penny Loafer's by Koori Threads

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These deadly little shoes are an all-time classic favorite that took the world by storm. From Gucci to Australia, Koori Threads is bringing this classic style back to life and weaving our stories into the tapestries of these deadly shoes.

So if you're looking for something that stands out? Something elegant, with class, then you will love the lovely Satin finish on this shoe, which has with a heel low enough that it can be worn by all of our sisters across all countries!

Then we need to yarn about the new release Penny Loafer by Koori Threads!

Bringing you our newest story, which talks of the continued resilience of our people, our stories, our culture and our Ancestors, using this Uber stylish, boundary pushing, high-fashion footwear that screams PRIDE.

Loafers are a shoe that is both classy, flexible and imaginative, a rule breaker in the fashion industry. The “maybe this will look good with that” or “I know this shouldn’t work but it does” kind of Loafer.

They will compliment any outfit and can be worn with your favorite iconic tee-and-jeans combo, but Whatever your style, these Deadly kicks are essential to the wardrobe, the classic penny loafer is essential to the shoe collection. 

With their silky like finish, they are an all-round Deadly Kick that can be worn with anything! So, c'mon my sisters, let's Keep the Fire Burning Penny Loafer's by Koori Threads

  • Satin finish
  • Low heel 27mm

Attention: Due to bleeding and fabric stretch, the previewed image is only an approximated display of the final product.

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