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Keep Yarning Maxi Skirt by Koori Threads

Keep Yarning Maxi Skirt by Koori Threads

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This deadly little Keep Yarning Maxi Skirt by Koori Threads tells the importance of mob keeping our yarns going. As I travel across the lands, I meet so many elders, whose voices have travelled far and wide, staying strong always, staying true to sharing those stories at the right time to the right people, as we have done since invasion.

The White is to represent the enormous lengths that our elders have gone to, to be heard, to share, to be understood by a system never designed for us! A system that continues to fail the richness of our many cultures across the country.

The brown is to represent all of our mob who will continue to be those voices, speaking up at the right time!

The white circles represent the many different government departments and systems that our mob have spoken too. They have yarned about changing those rigid systems that were not built for our mob.

And it is those yarns that we must keep going, but it is also the voices of all of our ancestors that walked before us that we must always honor

We are in love with this skirt. You can dress it up with a cute jacket and wedges or just wear a basic tee with sneakers or sandals. It is designed to be worn right under the bust, or is great if your blessed and taller, you will love this skirt!

  • Made from Cotton blend
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