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Lavender Skies with a Lilac Twist Bikini by Koori Threads

Lavender Skies with a Lilac Twist Bikini by Koori Threads

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How beautiful is this two-piece Lavender Skies by Koori Threads. This is two beautiful stories Lilac Dreaming and Lavender Skies combined.

This stunning story is for my sister Taylor who is Dubbed as ‘Wonder Woman’ by the late swimming coaching great, Jan Cameron, Taylor Corry is one of the Australian Para-swimming team’s most exciting prospects.

Taylor made her Paralympic debut at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, where she exceeded her own expectations – but not those of the people closest to her – with silver medals in the women’s 200m freestyle and women’s 100m backstroke. 

Taylor Corry is a swimmer who competes internationally for the Australian Paralympic Team and still swims today.

This is Taylors story, a story of Strength, Commitment & Ability

This story is of a young girl's journey, a story of hope, of strength, but also of struggle and sadness!

Challenging the world, the young Girl, grew into the most beautiful woman, she had the fairest of skin, she wasn't like all of her aunties, but she was tall and strong like a warrior, she had arrived.

As baby was born, her family stood around, & as the aunties talked, they could see baby was special, she had come from a long line of strong Matriarchs, and the talk grew louder, as baby opened her eyes

With the softest and palest skin, everyone waited to hold her & as the aunties stood around, they giggled, as they knew this baby was different, she was quiet, not loud like the other babies, & she had the longest fingers, and legs.

This one had hands that could cut through the water, big enough to carry all of her ancestors' stories.

Anywhere baby could find water, she could be found, she went day and night, looking for water, as she looked into the lavender skies as the morning would come, she would listen to the birds as day broke, and then she would ask to swim, and swim some more, the young girl would swim day and night, travelling long journeys, and as she glided though the waters, her ancestors would follow.

The young girl came home from school, and her eyes were no longer bright, her smile had gone, the other children did not know why the young girl was different, so they would not let her play with them, and as the days went on all baby could do was swim.

When the water touched her skin, it all went quiet, suddenly she couldn't hear anything, and she began to smile again, and as she smiled, it was in that moment that she knew that one day she would swim in the Olympics, she would show the world that we are all different, but we all walk together, it didn't matter that she was different, it didn't matter that those girls were mean to her, she just needed to swim

As the girl grew, she was tall and strong, and she swam all across country, and then one day it was her time to leave, & her ancestors blessed her to cross the waters, she would go to the London Olympics to tell her stories to many, to have fun, to do what she loved.

And as the girl swam, she remembered who she was, she was Taylor, a proud Aboriginal girl who was growing into a Proud Aboriginal Women, swimming for mob everywhere, sharing her story with many, because of her Abilities!

【 Material Description 】

86% polyester+14% spandex

【 Washing instructions 】

Hand washable and machine washable, do not soak for a long time, do not bleach, wash solution temperature should not exceed 45ºC.



length (cm/in)

1/2 Bust (cm/in)

1/2 hip (cm/in)

Cup (in)

XS 30.5/12 34.5/13.6 36/14.2 34A.36A.32B
S 31.5/12.4 37/14.6 38.5/15.2 34B.36B.34C
M 32.5/12.8 39.5/15.6 41/16.1 38B.36C.34D
L 33.5/13.2 42/16.5 43.5/17.1 40B.38C.36D
XL 34.5/13.6 44.5/17.5 46/18.1 40B.38C.40D


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