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Lilac Dreaming Two Piece shorts set by Koori Threads

Lilac Dreaming Two Piece shorts set by Koori Threads

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If you're looking for a stunning short and top set, that is stylish, comfortable and affordable, that tells a beautiful story, then you will fall in love with this Lilac Dreaming Two Piece shorts set by Koori Threads, with its soft pastel colors, & soft material

This is a stunning little set and can be worn every way imaginable, you can belt it, put heels on with it, thongs, runners or flats, whatever your style, this little set will surprise you every time

The Lilac dreaming story is of a young girl who travelled across many countries. The young girl she would not listen, and the aunties they would tell her every day, girl you got to listen, you are making us tired, you too busy now girl.

But the girl she was busy, always looking to the skies, she would let the wind blow in her face, and next minute, that girl she be gone again

Them aunties, they did give up chasing that girl, they decided then to let her run, she would be right, and the girl danced, and she laughed, and looked to the beautiful colors of the night skies for her Lilac Dreaming

The black lines on the story represent all the many different paths the girl walked.

The White Dots represent the many different things the girl would learn.

The circles are all the places the girl would stop for a while to listen and learn with all her aunties.

The Pink represents all of the people around the girl who shared their stories with her


  • Made from 100% Chiffon Polyester
  • Regular fit
  • Soft non-stretch fabric
  • Machine wash
  • Weight: 110 gsm

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