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Many Conversations Runway Dress BY Koori Threads

Many Conversations Runway Dress BY Koori Threads

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This Beautiful Many Conversations Women's runway dress Koori Threads tells the important stories of Mob fighting a system that was not designed for mob. A system which continues to look for deficit's, not strength, a system that does not acknowledge the person before the disability, nor does that same system respect the value of family! And it is those important yarns that acknowledge what. is. being said by our communities, our families, our aunts our uncles, but most of all, by the person living with a disability
Imagine a time, where money would support our mob to achieve the things they dream of, imagine what that could really look like, some of our biggest mob live with disability, just because it doesnt have a label though, doesnt mean its not there, but it is not what defines us
Within every disability is an incredible ability and its that that we celebrate, its those lil things that make us deadly So when you ask why your programs aren't working, its probably because you still need to have Many conversations with our families to understand our ways
Mob ways
This dress is made of 100% High Grade Polyester. 





S 90/35.4 136/53.5
M 95/37.4 136.5/53.7
L 100/39.4 137/53.9
XL 105/41.3 137.5/54.1
2XL 110/43.3 138/54.3
3XL 115/45.3 138.5/54.5
4XL 120/47.2 139/54.7
5XL 125/49.2 139.5/54.9



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