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Doonyu women's 100% Cotton Jacket by Koori Threads

Doonyu women's 100% Cotton Jacket by Koori Threads

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This Stunning Doonyu women's 100% Cotton Jacket by Koori Threads is from our latest Collection "Doonyu".

This beautiful hand painted design tells the most beautiful story of a young woman looking for her true love, and just as she can see his face, it is him that will need to find her.

The young warrior leaves his country to look for his chosen one, and along the way speaks to many elders (represented by the dots in the painting), listening carefully about the lessons that he must learn, travelling across many countries

He would walk as far as the sun would take him, and rest up on new country, where he was welcomed by the Elders, asking the men for their permission to sit and rest for a while, while they both travel a path unknown sitting and listening as it is their Ancestors that will both guide and bless the young couple along the way

And just as the young warrior must sit with the men, the young girl sits with the Aunties who talk to her day and night about her Doonyu, laughing as they sit by the fire, they tell her he will come, not to be impatient, or this man he may come with a funny face, because you would not listen!

And so she waited, and just as she could hear her aunties laugh, her Doonyu would find her x

This stunning jacket comes in our favourite classic version of the suit, which is made of pure natural fiber with its 100% cotton design

This jacket is also great for our taller sisters as the arm length can be easily folded under to suit all body shapes and sizes

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    Shoulder 16.5  16.9  17.3  17.7  18.1  18.9  19.3  20.1  20.5 
    Bust 40.2  41.7  43.3  44.9  46.5  48.8  51.2  53.5  55.9 
    Sleeve 24.4  24.8  25.2  25.6  26.0  26.4  26.8  27.2  27.6 


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    Bust 102.0  106.0  110.0  114.0  118.0  124.0  130.0  136.0  142.0 
    Sleeve 62.0  63.0  64.0  65.0  66.0  67.0  68.0  69.0  70.0 



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