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Mayi Wide Leg Pants by Koori Threads

Mayi Wide Leg Pants by Koori Threads

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How hard is it to find the perfect pair of pants? If you haven't looked at the beautiful Mayi Wide Leg Pants by Koori Threads, then stop for a moment. We all know the pain, either too small or too big, too tight or maybe even too loose, but this pair of stunning 80's style wide leg pants are just timeless.

They go with everything, and there's nothing like looking your best when underneath, your as comfortable as! And if that's not enough, they don't need to be ironed which is a big plus for me

These Beautiful pants will be a favorite with their beautiful colors, and the bold prints used by Koori Threads


Pants length (cm/in)

Waist (cm/in)

Hip (cm/in)

XS 105/41.3 65/26 108/42.5
S 107/42.1 69/27.2 112/44.1
M 108/42.5 73/28.7 116/45.7
L 109/42.9 79/31.1 122/48
XL 110.5/43.5 85/33.5 128/50.4
2XL 112/43.4 91/35.8 134/52.8
3XL 113.5/44.1 97/38.2 140/55.1
4XL 115/45.3 103/40.6 146/57.5
5XL 116.5/45.9 109/42.9 152/59.8
6XL 118/46.5 115/45.3 158/62.2


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