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Warriors Dreaming Silk Like Wide-Leg Pants

Warriors Dreaming Silk Like Wide-Leg Pants

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Ever wanted to look like a Million Dollars without the price tag, then Look at these Stunning Hot Pink Warriors Dreaming Silky feel Wide-Leg Pants, that don't need to be ironed, that's right My Sisters, we wanted to deliver Fashionable Style without the effort, and we have designed them for every style of Black Queens and go up to a 6XL

These Stunning little pants will be an all time favourite, as they can be styled with anything you like, the Story will do the rest. 

This story celebrates our Deadly Warriors from right across the land. 
As the old Aunties sit and yarn, country touches their feet, and the stains of the red dirt surround them like the most beautiful shoes, as they sing.
It is quiet now, only the Aunties speak, the Men have gone now and our work here must go on
I sit there to watch and learn from the aunties, wondering how long they will wait for the men to come home, and what they will bring.
The days are long and hot, and time seems so long, that I easily forget the faces of our Warriors at times, then I hear their laughter, I hear them talking, faint & muffled but I can hear it

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inch S 8 M 10 L 12 XL 14 2XL 16 3XL 18 4XL 20 5XL 22 6XL 24
Length 39.4  40.2  40.9  41.7  42.5  43.3  44.1  44.9  45.7 
Hip 40.9  43.7  46.5  49.2  52.0  54.7  57.5  60.2  63.0 
Waist 24.4  26.0  28.0  29.9  31.9  33.9  35.8  37.8  39.8 


centimeter S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Length 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116
Hip 104 111 118 125 132 139 146 153 160
Waist 62 66 71 76 81 86 91 96 101



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