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Raising the Age Womens Scarf by Koori Threads

Raising the Age Womens Scarf by Koori Threads

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You will melt in a sumptuous blend of colours that bring you back to the Importance of Telling stories through our Art while they surround you adding that extra sense of style to your day, making you feel like a Woman whos ready to take on the world, but acknowledging that more needs to be done for our babies entering the Justice System, & you can do this with your cool and hip & inexhaustible ways to wear such a Powerful Story! Simply draped around the neck, or transformed into a necktie or Headband, whatever your day brings, your scarf will  remain one of the most favored fashion accessories for women who know how to style it up. 

Immerse yourself in this Beautiful Raising the Age Womens Scarf By Koori Threads which talks of a time, where our Babies are safe, where Detention and Locking them up, taking them from Country is no longer an option! Behind each bar you will hear another child's cries, another families heart breaking, and the blend of colours behind each bar represents the many family members affected by the decision to remove a child from their families!. If our Children can't be what they cant see, hope fades as they spend their nights alone looking toward a future which tells them their is no hope!




One size 68cm/27in 68cm/27in


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