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Seeds of Life Puffer Jacket by Koori Threads

Seeds of Life Puffer Jacket by Koori Threads

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Look at this Incredible Seeds of Life Puffer Jacket by Koori Threads, ready for our 2023 Winter Collection, which show's the importance of getting our health right while we continue to care for country!

How going back to eating off country can change our vision, our diabetes & mostly, the way we feel, we were not made for white mans food, process this process that, even add in some left over ingredients to fill that bag, but we dont know. They say its good Mayi on the label 

And just as the land is green the times must change, for we need the seasons to feed the animals, and we need the seeds for our families, to feed our families. And just as we remember a time where there was no hungar, no sugar, no flour, no sickness. 

And in 2023 as we face huge Natural Disasters, and as our land heals again, we can always be certain that whatever we give to country, it will grow and give to you more than your hands can hold


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