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Stolen Artwork 100% Cotton Womens Jacket BY Koori Threads

Stolen Artwork 100% Cotton Womens Jacket BY Koori Threads

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This Beautiful Stolen Artwork 100% Cotton Womens Jacket BY Koori Threads tell the important stories of how the internet is changing our art, our artists, our business models, and how our Intellectual Property is being stolen from Aboriginal Artists, including our business ideas & how important it is to be respectful, so you don't get sick.
Using our beautiful range of water-based inks and pastel colors to tell this story, you will love the vibrance of this Stunning Cotton Jacket by Koori Threads
It is so well made, and you know that feeling of quality, well this is it!  
This powerful story is about Aboriginal Art being stolen, about mob not being told the truth when designs are not original or made on country, and to bring this very important yarn to the surface that if designs being replicated, copied or our business models are being copied, then you have lost your way, and we are the Original People, no matter who's land we stand on but we must first respect that to respect this!
You will see the painting is almost identical, and the white Ochre on the tops represents the many artists out there being disrespectful by stealing other artists ideas, business models, art and claiming it as their own without any shame, devaluing the importance of our art, our knowledge and our culture, and also how that disrespects us as people, as artists and business owners but as Aboriginal People, taking from us our Intellectual Property and walking as if it were your own
They are covered in white ochre to help them heal and become strong again, to guide them to go back to old ways, to help them see right
The Artists on the bottom as are all painted in red ochre, to protect them as they honor their country by being authentic, and creating such rich powerful and beautiful designs, that celebrate all of our Black Excellence, telling stories that are owned by them
The young artist tried hard every day and every night to build hew business, she loved nothing more than to paint, she knew that if she were to be successful that this would mean she could have enough for everyone, and share what she had worked for with her bamanaya
But the days got longer and the nights they did not end, she sat and she painted, then she would paint some more, worrying about how she would be able to give to others this Xmas when her art and her ideas were being copied. She wondered how it was that every design she created was being stolen in front of her publicly, without shame nor respect
And it was then, the young artist decided to tell her story, but not with her mouth to bring shame, and so she painted, once again picking up her paints to be her voice
and with each tear she grew stronger until her hands stopped shaking, as she had worked so hard, just to hold enough to help others
She did not wish to take more than what her family needed, so she tried another way, and she painted that story, and just as she painted the tears fell to the canvas, but this time they were again tears of hope and that is, that our mob already know when another artist is taking from someone what does not belong to them, and they would not support any artist to do this, but instead take their hands and help them to heal, just as our Elders always do
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Regular fit
  • Flat Lapel Collar, long sleeve, two pocket
  • Fabric weight: 245g/m²

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