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Storytellers Deadly Kicks by Koori Threads

Storytellers Deadly Kicks by Koori Threads

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These all-time favorites are something solid, styled like they came fresh out of the 80's but deadlier right!

This story is to be worn with pride and these Storytellers Deadly Kicks by Koori Threads are a shoe to be proud of bringing our art to footwear in new ways, using old favorites we all know and love.

Made from a touch canvass material these low tops are perfect for both our brothers and sisters.

The Yellow dots are for our women and the black for our babies, the red for our men

This is our story yarning about domestic violence called Storytellers

As the women gather round, they sit together, they yarn as the day becomes night and they wait for their warriors to return.

The day is long now and the colors in the skies, they have changed too. We have watched the sun rise now for days, for weeks, for months, we have waited, we have sung, we have waited for our men to return!

All day all night they wait, where are our Men, our men, they have not come home. There is no sound, there is nothing, just waiting, they have been taken by that white fulla

I see them they got these hats on them now, and these shirts, but they got this heavy steel on them too, it looks like they can't get away, I seen them walking now!

The aunties heard them talking, this language different, but this is what they say, them white fulla, they tell them they got new things to do, they don't hunt now, they say they our men now. And if they are good then they come home.

As our men worked this new way, their culture was taken from them, the things they knew, were no longer allowed, nor understood, their women alone, how did this happen,

The nights grew cold & the days they were long, many suns did come, but no sign of home, the men became angry, they no longer had their women, their children, they just had this new law, not our LORE, their law!

And as the seasons changed so did our men, they became hard, confused, lost without their women, their mothers, their aunties, their sisters, their wives, nieces, they forgot how to talk to them women, they forgot to hold them, they forgot who they were, they started fighting, wondering why, they needed their women, just as our women need our men.

They are warriors, they are our men, and they sit around us in the red circles, as we need to invite them back in. We have been strong for so long now, as Women, as Mothers, as Leaders, as Aunties, sisters, young jarjums, we have been strong.

Now its time to be strong together again! 

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