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Two Rivers by Koori Threads

Two Rivers by Koori Threads

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This Stunning Womens Jacket Two Rivers by Koori Threads tells the powerful stories of the strong Yinnar who have always stood, and will always stand on the Beautiful Lands of the Gomeroi Nation. It is just beautiful offering pockets for comfort, offering a regular, timeless fit that never goes out of style, and just as the seasons change, so do our clothes

And just as our waters have, they will always be our source of life, just as the water and the lands work together, so do the two rivers, for the health, happiness and growth of many generations to come, that respects our People who have cared for the Barwon Namoi, Peel and Darling rivers for thousands of years before us today

And just as those waters have provided well for all of our clans, many Strong and Beautiful Yinaar have sat on the banks of the Severn and McIntyre rivers, each day, each night, each year, for many years, caring for country, & just as the did,. country would always give to the Yinaar in the most beautiful way to receive an abundance of foods, food that provided for all of our families and the rivers that have been home to so many for so long

And just as the fruits and seeds grew, the Yinaar grew too, they grew to wonder how they could bring together their knowledge of both traditional and contemporary ways, ways of learnings, how would this look in a new world that continues to change that for so many, that meant so much and how could those beautiful and strong women continue to find new ways that always remembered & represented our old ways

And while the Yinaar found the ways of our ol people, they weaved those stories into their journey, & just as our Ancestors that stood before us, and our babies that will stand up for us too, that while they stand with us now, one day, they will be our new leaders, our new teachers, and our new knowledge holders, to pass onto the many generations yet to come, all on the knowledge that our Yinaar continue to share with each other across the Land of the Gomeroi Nation

The Yinaar had many discussions, and heard from many voices before making the decision to settle in the heart of Tamworth,
and just as they always have, many discussion were held, leaving the Yinaar with the important decision to move to Tamworth to start the important work of building a space that would both support and include all mob, welcoming mob from every country

The Black - represents All Mob's on either sides of all the water lines, the
Blue - Represents the Water being the heart of the story and the land
Cream - Represents Ochre to offer protection to you as you walk across our country
Pink - Represents the Two Rivers coming together being started by Gomeroi yinnar

This jacket is made from

:Polyester canvas
: Moderate thickness 
:Weight 245gsm


Size Guide

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Length 28.7  29.5  29.9  30.3  30.7  31.1  31.9  32.3  32.7 
Shoulder 16.5  16.9  17.3  17.7  18.1  18.9  19.3  20.1  20.5 
Bust 40.2  41.7  43.3  44.9  46.5  48.8  51.2  53.5  55.9 
Sleeve 24.4  24.8  25.2  25.6  26.0  26.4  26.8  27.2  27.6 


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Length 73.0  75.0  76.0  77.0  78.0  79.0  81.0  82.0  83.0 
Shoulder 42.0  43.0  44.0  45.0  46.0  48.0  49.0  51.0  52.0 
Bust 102.0  106.0  110.0  114.0  118.0  124.0  130.0  136.0  142.0 
Sleeve 62.0  63.0  64.0  65.0  66.0  67.0  68.0  69.0  70.0 


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