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Urban Sleeveless Hoodie from Koori Threads

Urban Sleeveless Hoodie from Koori Threads

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Ever wondered why a Hoodie is your favourite Piece? I guess for me it's the comfort, it's the way it sits on my shoulders, around my neck, so I guess it's more than a Fashion statement, it's a piece of clothing that makes me feel comfortable. Since we've spent a lot of time in our sweats over the past few months we thought you might appreciate a must have with this Deadly Urban Sleeveless Hoodie from Koori Threads. And maybe you've found yourself with a ton of new trackies & Hoodies like me, and possibly even have them in every color.(opens in new tab) Well don't stress, hoodies are a girl's best friend, they scream confidence and sex appeal, quickly becoming a modern-day must have. So put that T-Shirt on, and be Proud in your own skin, because Koori Threads thinks no one looks Hotter in a Hoodie than one of our Mob. This Deadly classic isn't exclusively for lounging around the house anymore, no you'll wear it out, you'll even wear it to Dinner, it's surprisingly versatile and can be worn in a lot of different ways. So start layering this Beautiful Urban Sleeveless Hoodie by Koori Threads



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