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When Mob come Together Ruffle Layer Maxi Dress By Koori Threads

When Mob come Together Ruffle Layer Maxi Dress By Koori Threads

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How beautiful is this, When Mob come Together Ruffle Layer Maxi Dress By Koori Threads

This story show's of how we come together, and the strength in sharing our knowledge. This beautiful little Ruffle Dress tells it so well with its lovely soft finishes, beautifully finished straps, and the simple but classic style. This story is about something our people have done for over 65000 years or more, shared that important knowledge through our song lines, and for this we have grown, we have traded, we have respected, and we have learnt, we have taken care of country, and we have been humble.

This story of Mob coming together is the map of Australia, representing my acknowledgement to all mob across Australia and their histories, stories and knowledge, for it is every Ancestor, every Elder, every leader across the country that has helped us to keep culture strong in a system that was never designed for us. Where our stories have travelled far and wide, where our ancestors have spoken so wisely, to Governments, officials, departments, and we have sat, we have yarned.

The large white Circles are our Warriors, our uncles, brothers, son's nephews, cousins & our grannies.

The white lines are our Women, our Matriarchs, our mothers, our aunties, our sisters, our daughters our nieces our grannies.

The red dots are our mooks, learning from their elders, carrying our stories, learning from their elders as they travel across country, they our next leaders.

Yellow dots represent the many tribes within each of our respected Nations, showing old ways of knowing.

The large Black Holes represent the Government systems that fail to see or recognize the importance of this knowledge being respected as the oldest living culture in the world.

  • Made from 100% Polyester (Chiffon feel)
  • Machine wash cold

Attention: For all strips, collars, hem, waistbands, handcuffs and drawstring, please use either plain colors or patterns only and NOT text messages. Due to bleeding and fabric stretch, the previewed image is only an approximated display of the final product.

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