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Whispers in the wind Wide Leg Pants by Koori Threads

Whispers in the wind Wide Leg Pants by Koori Threads

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This Beautiful story is of a Jalbu who sat with many Aunties to listen, but all the while she was listening, it was him she could hear, his whispers would not leave her head

A warrior she had passed from a distance, a man so strong that his memory she could not forget. As she sat, she could not speak of someone she did not know, where was he from, who was his mob, was it possible that she would pass him again, or would he look for her, would he find her

And just as the Aunties sing, you can hear the Jalbu crying, and if you put your ears to the wind, they say you will hear her whispers from far away as she waits for him to find her again

So if thats not enough reason to love these easy wash and wear wide leg pants, then youll fall in love with the colours, the way they feel and the price, and ohh, the FREE SHIPPING

Now listen closely when you hear the wind blow


Pants length (cm/in)

Waist (cm/in)

Hip (cm/in)

XS 105/41.3 65/26 108/42.5
S 107/42.1 69/27.2 112/44.1
M 108/42.5 73/28.7 116/45.7
L 109/42.9 79/31.1 122/48
XL 110.5/43.5 85/33.5 128/50.4
2XL 112/43.4 91/35.8 134/52.8
3XL 113.5/44.1 97/38.2 140/55.1
4XL 115/45.3 103/40.6 146/57.5
5XL 116.5/45.9 109/42.9 152/59.8
6XL 118/46.5 115/45.3 158/62.2


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