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Taken by the Bullyman by Koori Threads

Taken by the Bullyman by Koori Threads

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This story is in honor of our Donahue families to remember the life of Unc Aub's

Taken by the Bullyman in Mareeba on the 23rd March 2023 bala Aubrey Donahue was shot in cold blood four times, shot in the abdomen, no cameras, no tasers, no training?

Our families bleed over the loss of another son, you have taken what was not yours. You took another son from their Mother, from their father, from their families, from their community! 

You stand behind a Uniform, of the biggest Gang in the world, and yet the Crimes you commit are so horrific that the state-sanctioned physical violence has not ended, our families still die at the hands of Bullyman or in police custody at even greater rates

Today one First Nations person is killed in circumstances involving police every 28 days



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