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Womens Business Fashion Bomber by Koori Threads

Womens Business Fashion Bomber by Koori Threads

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Get ready for your next gathering  with Koori Threads' Womens Business Fashion Bomber Take this story with you wherever you go and surround yourself with the soft pastel colors, and the powerful story, this is a 2024 must have you will want to own!

Silky, soft, and stylish, this bomber will have you turning heads and feeling confident

The relaxed fit adds a touch of elegance, making it the perfect going out jacket. Because who says high-end fashion can't be comfortable too?

I hope this powerful story touches the hearts of my sisters in honor of our strength & the importance of our women!

Knowledge that is shared from generation to generation.

The rows running down the story tell of this importance, and how each and every woman takes that beautiful knowledge and passes it down to the next generation, from Grandmother to mothers to daughters!

The Dots are to represent our grandmothers, our mothers and our Babies

The two layers sitting over the dots represent our grandmothers and Mothers, the thin line representing our Mums, and the Thicker to represent our grandmothers & shows just how important that connection is, this is the knowledge, the wisdom that our grandmothers and Mothers pass onto to us to keep us strong, so that one day we too will pass on that knowledge when it is our time

Each and every day, they give to us without complaint, with nothing but love and strength! This is the real story of Aboriginal Women through my eyes, not the one seen on the Media, that we cannot possibly be good Mothers, or that we don't matter in any way, this is a story we have known for more than 65,000 years!

【Type】95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, for Women, All-Over Print Jacket.    
【Product  Description】19.40 Oz. Constructed with premium polyester blend and soft lining.
【Sizes】XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Calculate your size from the measurement chart below
【Washing notice】Machine wash:cold (max 40℃ or 104℉); Non-chlorine; Iron with cover; Do not tumble dry; Do not insolation. 


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