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Devils Marbels Wide Leg Pants by Koori Threads

Devils Marbels Wide Leg Pants by Koori Threads

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Favourites all round. These beautiful Devils Marbels wide leg pants by Koori Threads will look good on any woman, they go with anything and ooze pride and culture. This poewrful story of Devils Marbels is not mine to tell, only one that I will remember forever. As the sun hit the ground and the colours of country spoke with such beauty, it is a memory this collection shares through my eyes

These stunning pants are made of a high grade Polyester mix and are great if your a wash and wear sister, and the elastic waist is comfortable on any day, even XMAS day when your bellies full of Mayi





XS 105/41.3 65/26 108/42.5
S 107/42.1 69/27.2 112/44.1
M 108/42.5 73/28.7 116/45.7
L 109/42.9 79/31.1 122/48
XL 110.5/43.5 85/33.5 128/50.4
2XL 112/43.4 91/35.8 134/52.8
3XL 113.5/44.1 97/38.2 140/55.1
4XL 115/45.3 103/40.6 146/57.5
5XL 116.5/45.9 109/42.9 152/59.8
6XL 118/46.5 115/45.3 158/62.2



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