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Black Pride Womens Puffer Jacket by Koori Threads

Black Pride Womens Puffer Jacket by Koori Threads

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When you talk of culture you talk of Pride, Deadly Black Pride! And this Beautiful and powerful story tells it so well. This deadly Black Pride Womens Puffer Jacket leaves nothing to the imagination.

The Black Pride Collection tells the story of  our people from all lands being proud of who they are, in all shades of deadly, and a time when our people begin to stand together again, recognizing the many elders that have and still do walk with us all on our journey. This story recognizes all of our brothers and sisters, Koori, Goori Noongar, Palawa, & Yolngu, and the impacts of colonization and the assimilation policies imposed on our mobs, now celebrating all the beautiful shades of deadly we come in


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