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Womens Business Puffer Jacket by Koori Threads

Womens Business Puffer Jacket by Koori Threads

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This beautiful Puffer is just "oh so lovely". Celebrating all of our Knowledge Holders, our Matriarchs, Our Women!

This lovely little puffer is the perfect edition to your wardrobe ready for those cold days that just keep coming.

Perfect to wear using it to mix and match, try it with a scarf and belt for something extra special, or wear it because of the powerful story, but either way this is a jacket that needs to be worn

This story is to honor the strength of women, and how that knowledge is shared from generation to generation.

The rows running downwards in the story tell of this importance, and how each and every woman takes that beautiful knowledge and passes it down to the next generation

The Dots are to represent our grandmothers, our mothers and our daughters

The two layers sitting over the dots represent our grandmothers and Mothers, the thin line representing our Mums, and the Thicker to represent our grandmothers & shows just how important that connection is, this is the knowledge, the wisdom that our grandmothers and Mothers pass onto to us to keep us strong, so that one day we too will pass on that knowledge when it is our time

Each and every day, they give to us without complaint, with nothing but love and strength! This is the real story of Aboriginal Women through my eyes, not the one seen on the Media, that we cannot possibly be good Mothers, or that we don't matter in any way, this is a story we have known for more than 65,000 years!

This jacket is not just a stylish addition to your wardrobe, it also celebrates the resilience and strength of women. The intricate design represents the powerful knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.

By wearing this jacket, you are honoring the wisdom and love that our mothers and grandmothers have shared with us. It's a reminder of the unbreakable bond between women and the importance of their role in our society.

This is the real story of Aboriginal Women told through my eyes, one that is often overlooked and misrepresented in the media. Be a part of this beautiful story and show your support for the amazing women in our lives.

【Type】100% Polyester, for Women, (Zipper, cuff elastic band fixed in black). 
【Product Description】100% Polyester. Standard collar and 2 side pockets featured. Quilted bomber jacket with zipper closure and elastic cuffs provides maximum comfort.

Lightweight and warm material. Quilted design will make you feel warm when wearing it. Each panel is cut and sewn together to ensure a flawless graphic.
【Sizes】XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. Calculate your size from the measurement chart below please.
【Washing notice Machine wash: cold (max 40℃ or 104℉); Non-chlorine; Iron with cover; Do not tumble dry; Do not insolation. 


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